Monday, 26 September 2011

Idea For Music Video of Our Choice

The song we have chosen is The Fall is Fine by Audio Fire, which is an unsigned band based in Cambridgeshire.

Costume: Since this is an Indie band the clothing would be generic every day clothes to fit the genre.

Props: Mobile Phone; start of song, Instruments; Close up of playing,

Location: A bedroom; start of song, walking through town  for most of the rest of song

Colour: Urban colours; The grey of paving and the dark yellow of artificial lighting.

Performers/Performance Style: Characters are calm, but not happy, at least not until the end.

Lighting: Starts with bright natural lighting, closer to the end dark with artificial street lighting.

Mood/Atmosphere: Atmosphere is flowing with a mood of slight annoyance (but not too much.)

Inspiration: Our knowledge of previous indie music videos we have seen. For example Naive by The Kooks

Ideas For Music Video's

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Conventions of a Digipak

Digipak's have many conventions some of them are as follows:

  • The front cover will usually have a picture of the artist.
  • The front cover will also usually have a the logo's of the production company and the

    Goodwin's Method of Analysis

    Goodwin's method of analysis consists of the following points:

    1) Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics. These are styles that could be considered almost exclusive to the genre of music, for example, the genre of rock has many shots consisting of a short duration to match the fast music.
    2) Music videos usually have a link or a relationship between the lyrics of the song and the visuals, an example would be the artist singing about elephants, and a visual of an elephant appearing in the video.
    3) There is also usually a relationship between the music and the visuals, for example, a fast song would have fast paced visuals with fast movement and quick shot changes. In some videos there is a depiction of the wave a sound creates on a graph.
    4) There could be close ups of the artist or motifs, these were probably done by the record label to gain publicity for the artist.
    5) Voyeurism: This would be the audience looking in on a personal moment that a character is having. This could also be looking at a character who is partially exposed. This is most apparent in music videos for the younger generation.
    6) Intertextual references: This is where the video has product placement within the video, for example, the artist could drink from a can of coke, and this would be a form of advertising.

    Analysis of CD Cover for a Soundtrack in Comparison to the DVD

    We will be analyzing the cover for the CD "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Original Motion Picture Soundtrack."

    The front cover of the CD has the publishing companies name in the top left corner of the image. This is written in such a colour so that it can be seen but doesn't draw too much attention of your eye. The front cover also has the name of the CD in a bigger font than the rest of the text. The front cover of the CD also has the name of the person wh wrote the music and lyrics as well as the original score "Danny Elfman." Finally the picture on the front cover is of the main character in the movie in one of the kkey locations of the beginning of the film.

    The back of the CD has the bar code as well as the location that the cove as printed  and the name f the distributor "EMI." It also has the serial number. The back also has the name of the CD again in a bigger font than the rest of the text on this side of the CD. The back also has a synopsis of what the CD has on it. The synopsis is in a different text colour to the rest of the text on the CD. The back of the CD cover also has the names of all 21 songs, this takes up a fair amount of the back cover. Again the back cover states who wrote the music and lyrics as well as the original score. It states that the producer is Danny Elfman and that the album art director is Gary Alder. There is also three copyright notices and two logo's, one is for Walt Disney Records and the other is for Touchstone Picture, the distributor of the film. One of the copyright notices is for Buena Vista another is for Walt Disney Pictures and the final one is for Buena Vista under the exclusive license of EMI.

    The picture on the front of the DVD is very similar to the picture on the front of the CD. This shows that the artist wanted a continuous theme throughout all of the art for The Nightmare Before Christmas art. The front cover of the DVD also names the producer, director, music and lyrics writer, creator etc... as well as logo's for each of the companies involved, Touchstone Pictures, Dolby Surround sound etc... Again the title of the production is in big text that shows up on the page. A difference between the cover of the DVD and the cover of the CD is that the cover of the CD has much more of an innocent theme to it whereas the cover of the DVD has much more of an evil feeling to it.

    Monday, 19 September 2011

    Analysis of Music Videos

    A spoof music video:

    This is a spoof video of Taio Cruise's song "Dynamite." The video is made using the game Minecraft. The style that this video uses is Machinima. This video is a success as it has over 12,000,000 views on Youtube with a 98% like rate. The character in the video "Steve" is represented as someone who likes to destroy things. This links in with the spoof lyrics. The word "Dynamite" from the original song has been changed to the word "TNT" to match the game.

    Because of the style the lighting can only be dark or light as such the dark setting is not used very much as it stops the video from being as visible. A range of camera shots are used. Including medium shots, aerial shots, two shots, long shots and an establishing shot.

    A video with a message:

    This video is the Black Eyed Peas song "Where is the love." This is video is successful. This is shown as it has 45,000,000 views and a high percentage of 'likes' This video was also shown on a variety of highly rated music videos when it was first released. This video represents people

    A video that shocks you:

    This video is Altan urag's song "Xox tolbton"

    A video that presents the artist in a way you aren't used to seeing them:

    This video is Katy Perry's song "Last Friday Night."

    An alternative or experimental video:

    This video is B52s' song "Rock Lobster."

    Photoshop Task

    This is the work that we did for our photoshop task. We didn't get much done because we had t spend a considerable amount of time planning what the poster would look like. In doing this we only managed to get the title of the band and then add the album cover. We also managed to find a good font for the words "Out Now." If we had the time then we would have added more detail such as; where the cd can be purchased, When it would be released, a promotion and some other things as well.

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